Amanda Healy
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Amanda Healy
is the seventh child of Thomas Healy and Elizabeth McCaffrey. Amanda Healy was born June 19, 1874 and died in 1958. She was married to Andrew J. McCoy and we have three children on record for them. Following is the information that we have of Amanda Healy's immediate family starting with her parents:

Thomas Healy b: 1830  d: June 2, 1898
                    Elizabeth McCaffrey b: 1838  d: December 10, 1915

Their Children: William Healy b: 1858  d: March 22, 1924
Emma Healy  b: 1860    
                                     Margaret Healy b: about 1860 d: February 14, 1884
                                                      Francis McCaffrey Healy b: January 27, 1862 d: June 28, 1931
         Mary Ann Healy  b: about 1866
     George Healy b:  about 1871
                   Amand Healy b: June 19, 1874 d: 1958
        Robert J Healy b: 1877 d: 1952

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