Andrew Faulkner and Ann Kenny


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Andrew Faulkner
Remembrance Plaque: Andrew Faulkner

Andrew Faulkner was born August 15, 1817 in Antrim County, Ireland and died July 28, 1897 in Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. Andrew Faulkner married on April 6, 1848 to Ann Kenny. Ann was born May 10, 1827  in Goulbourn Township, died January 5, 1920 in Goulbourn Township. Andrew Faulkner and Ann Kenny are buried at St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery in Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario.

                                                                                                              Andrew Faulkner, Ann Kenny and Family
                                          Andrew Faulkner
            and Ann Kenny St. Thomas Anglican Cemeter y, Stanley's
                                                                                                               Andrew Faulkner and Ann Kenny and Family                                                    

              Faulkner and Ann Kenny (seated)
Andrew Faulkner and Ann Kenny (seated)

Ann and
              Andrew Faulkner

                           In 1835, Andrew Faulkner's father Robert, purchased 100 acres of land for 100 pounds, east of the 'Kenny Farm' on the 'Forced Road'. In 1844, 50 acres were sold for 50 pounds to Andrew Faulkner, whose farm was then operated in turn by Albert Faulkner, Reg Faulkner and Ray Faulkner in succeeding generations. In 1905 Albert Frederick Faulkner purchased 50 acres of the McClinton Farm bordering to the east. Please click on the underlined names or the thumbnail photos of individuals for further information.

                Andrew Faulkner and Ann Kenny had eleven children. All the children were born in Goulbourn Township.

          1. Martha Faulkner b: February 16, 1849 and died in 1936. Martha married March 25, 1869 to William McCoy b: about 1830 and died December 12, 1895. Martha and William are both buried at St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery in Stanleys Corners, CarletonCounty, Ontario, Canada. On record we have names and dates for six children of Martha Faulkner and William McCoy.
                                                        i.  Andrew J. McCoy b: January 27, 1872 d: 1917           
                                                       ii.  William J. McCoy b:1874 d:1908                                
                                                      iii.  Francis Robert McCoy b: June13, 1876 d: 1946            
                                                      iv.  Jane Eliza McCoy b: 1879  d: ?                                    
                                                       v. Thomas Albert McCoy b: December 15, 1883 d: ?                        
                                                      vi.  George Frederick McCoy b: August 11, 1888 d: 1964 

                              2. Mary Ann Faulkner
b: May 11, 1851  d: 1928  Married Elias Pratt b: about 1847 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County.

                              3. Robert Faulkner
b: May 6, 1853 d: February 16, 1926 at 72 yrs. 9 mos. Married to Eliza Jane Nesbitt b: about 1857

 in Goulbourn Twsp. d: October 12, 1914 at 40 yrs. 4 mos. Robert and Eliza are buried at Merrivale Cemetery.
. Jane Faulkner b: April 20, 1855  d: (?)  Married to George Johnson b: about 1851 in Goulbourn Twsp.                     
. John Kenny Faulkner b: April 25, 1857  d:October 30, 1949 in Goulbourn Twsp. Married June 3, 1889 to
                                           Catherine Prudence Bradley b: about 1871  d: 1951 in Goulbourn Twsp. Following is information for four children
for John Kenny Faulkner and Catherine Prudence Bradley.     

                 i. Charles Wilbur Faulkner b: September 23, 1890 in Nepean Twsp. Carleton County.

                   ii. Thomas Clifford Faulkner b: May 25, 1893 in Nepean Twsp. Carleton County.         
                 iii. Harriet Faulkner b: June 16, 1895 in Nepean Twsp. Carleton County.                      
iv. Myrtle Ann Faulkner b: July 12, 1897 in Nepean Twsp. Carleton County.

         6. William Hand Faulkner b: May 13, 1859 d: August 27, 1935 Married to Susan Brown b: about 1863 in Goulbourn Twsp.                   

           7. Go to Mark Faulkner PageMark Faulkner b: October 11, 1861 d: September 17, 1949 in Los Angeles, california, U.S.A.  Married to Margaret (Maggie) Grieve Watters b: March 20, 1871 d: May 7, 1951. Please click on Mark Faulkner's Family
picture to go to their family page for more details. Thank you.

         8. Charles Petit Faulkner b: February 25, 1864 d: 1952 in Goulbourn Twsp. Married Anna Mary Bradley b: 1869 d: July 1939 in                    Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. Following is information for five children of Charles Petit Faulkner and Anna Mary Bradley, all born in Richmond,  Ontario.

 i. Wilbert Hunter Faulkner b: December 27, 1893 d: (unknown)                                           
       ii. Catherine Lilly Faulkner b: September 28, 1895 d: 1988 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County.
 Married to Howard Herbert McCoy b: 1885 d: 1983 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County.
       iii. Francis Thomas Faulkner b: November 15, 1896 d: 1989 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County.
Married Violet M. Healey b: 1901 d: 1991 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County.
iv. Herman P. Faulkner b: 1905 d: 1930 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County.                        
       v. Sadie M. Faulkner b: 1909 d: 1924 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County.                          

                9. Samuel Andrew Faulkner Samuel Andrew Faulkner  b: May 17, 1866 d: November 8, 1942 in Ottawa, Ontario. Married July 19, 1893 to Emma Jane Bradley. b: May 20, 1873  d: February 1, 1939. Please click on Samuel Andrew Faulkner's picture
to go to his and Emma Jane Bradley's page for details of their family. Thank you.

                10. Frank Thomas Faulkner  b: September 19, 1870 d: July 1, 1952 Married to Georgina Mary MacMillan b: about 1874

        11. Albert Frederick Faulkner  b: September 27, 1874 d: May 26, 1945. Married Rachel Sarah Jane Brown  b: December 23, 1878 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. d: January 7, 1956 in Richmond, Goulbourn Twsp., Carleton County, Ontario.
The following is information on five children
for Albert Frederick Faulkner and Rachel Sarah Jane Brown.

i. Ermel Faulkner b: April 1, 1903 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County. d: 1990, Goulbourn Twsp. Married to Orville Parks b: 1904  d: 1999
           ii. Eileen A. Faulkner b: June 27, 1904 Goulbourn Twsp. d: 1999 in Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County. Married to                   
Leonard Hemphill b: 1900 d: 1951 in Goulbourn Twsp. Leonards parents John Hemphill
b: 1859 d: 1941 and Sophia b: 1860 d: 1921. All buried at St. Paul's United/Old Methodist
            Cemetery in Richmond, Goulbourn Twsp. Carleton County, Ontario, Canada. Eileen A. Faulkner
also listed as marrying James McKnight (no dates)
      iii. Aldyth Faulkner b: February 19, 1906 Goulbourn Twsp. d: 1993 Goulbourn Twsp. Married  C. Kenneth Smith.               
       iv. Reginald FaulknerReginald Faulkner b: October 6, 1907 Goulbourn Twsp. d: July 3, 1998 Goulbourn Twsp. Married in 1933 to
Mary Evelyn Paul
b:November 12, 1910 Goulbourn Twsp. d: December 20, 1993 Goulbourn Twsp.
Reg and Evelyn had six children. Please click on Redinalds name to go to their page.
v. Veda Faulkner b: (no dates)  Married to Osmer Balharrie.                                                   
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