Elizabeth Mary McLinton

 Elizabeth Mary McLinton was the eldest child born to Peter McClinton and Mary Faulkner. The only
  girl, with five brothers, Robert William McLinton, Samuel Torney McLinton, Hugh Ernest McLinton,
                                             Peter Faulkner McLinton and Joshua James McLinton.                                            
 Elizabeth Mary was born April 10,1858 in Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada and 
         died April 6, 1939 in Nepean Township. Buried in St.Paul's  United/Old Methodist Cemetery in Richmond,
   Ontario. Elizabeth  was married April 23,1889 in Nepean Township to John Cummings: Born June 21, 
      1853 in Nepean Township. Died December 29, 1933, burial, December 31, 1933 at St.Paul's United/Old   Methodist Cemetery in  Richmond, Ontario.

                                             Elizabeth Mary McLinton and John Cummings had two children:

                             i. Peter Robert Cummings: Born March 4, 1890 in Nepean Township. Died August 22, 1969 in   Ottawa, Ontario.

                             ii. Mary Elizabeth Cummings: (Mayme) Born September 3, 1897 in Nepean Township. Died May 21, 1985 in
                                 Kemptville, Ontario. Mayme was married to Robert John Roney: Born March 25, 1886, D
ied May 18, 1961 and  they had one son.