Inscriptions read: (left side)

 Bertha McLinton..Daughter of  H. & J. McLinton..Died Aug. 1905..4 mos. (Eighth child)
Peter McLinton...Died May 24, 1917...Aged 95 Yrs.
                           ( Seventh child of Samuel McClinton and Margaret Torney)
Mary Faulkner...Beloved Wife Of Peter McLinton..Died Feb. 4 1911..Aged 86 Yrs.
'At Rest'..

(right side)

In Memory of...Martha Alice..Died March 31, 1911,..Aged 20 Yrs...Daughter of H&J McLinton
'Gone But Not Forgotten' ( Martha Alice: Second Child of Hugh Ernest McLinton and Jane   Maxwell)
Jane Maxwell... Beloved Wife of Hugh McLinton...Died June 15, 1925...Aged 60 Yrs.
Hugh McLinton...Died May 23, 1937...Aged 73 Yrs.
(Hugh Ernest McLinton: Fourth child of Peter McClinton and Mary Faulkner)