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Howard Lemuel McLinton

Howard Lemuel McLinton Christmas 2011
January 17, 1929  to  December 15, 2012

Howard Lemuel McLinton was born on Strachan St. in Richmond, Ontario, January 17, 1929. The house where he was born is still standing, backing onto the Jock River. His parents were David Lemuel McLinton and Mary Anne McCoy. Click on the highlighted names to go to the family page or continue to the bottom of this page and click the 'back' icon. Howard was the 2nd eldest of 4 boys. He grew up  on Huntley Road, Goulbourn Twp. just north of Richmond, Ontario. Howard went to school at S.S.#10 on Flewellyn Road, Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Twp. He is survived by his younger brother as well as six children, 11 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren. Howard's wife, Patricia Colleen Lytle, passed away March 26, 2013. His eldest brother, Russell and youngest brother Lorne are deceased.

Fallowfield United Church
Fallowfield United Church

Howard was married May 15, 1954 in Fallowfield United Church, Fallowfield, Nepean Twp. Ontario. Shortly after their marriage, Howard and his new bride moved to Belleville, Ontario where he secured employment in the Office Equipment business with Smith-Corona. Howard had graduated from the Remington Rand School of Business Machine Service and Repair in Barrie, On. in 1951, qualifying him in repair and service of typewriters, adding machines (calculators) as well as cash registers, all mechanical in those days. Four of their six children were born in Belleville and in 1960, Howard moved his growing family to Oshawa, Ontario for a new job opportunity with Walmsley and McGill Office Equipment in downtown Oshawa. Howard and his wife had two more children born in Oshawa in the 1960's. Howard only worked for Walmsley and McGill for a few years before starting his own business and working from his basement workshop on Wilson Road South. He owned and operated McLinton Office Equipment for the next 32 years until he and his wife retired in the mid 1990's to live in Cloyne, Ontario in a modest little home in the woods. They both lived near Skootamata Lake until late in 2009. Because of his wife's failing health, she was put on 24 hour care at a local nursing home in September 2009. Howard went into the nursing home daily to visit his wife. In November 2009 he made the decision that it would be best if he was with her in the nursing home. They were both very well taken care of and very comfortable in their cozy room at the home. Howard would participate in music and played his harmonica often for the residents of the home. He also got up to play, at times, with the live bands and performers who regularly came in to entertain the residents. Please scroll down the page and enjoy some of the many photos and stories that are published here.  

Dad and Mom in Cloyne 2009
"The Ol' Coots from the Skoot".- 2009

Howard in Cloyne, On.
Howard in his front yard in Cloyne, On. - 2003

50th Anniversary
50th Anniversary May 15, 2004


Howard in May 15, 1954
Howard on May 15, 1954, Wedding Photo

Wedding Day
Walking down the aisle on their wedding day - May 15, 1954

Howard and his 1932 Plymouth
Howard and his 1932 Plymouth

Howard's 80th Birthday
Howard's 80th Birthday  January 17, 2009

Howard McLinton
Howard in 2010

Howard and Brothers
  This photo was taken around 1945 of Howard and his three brothers.
Russell (left rear), Howard (right rear), Lorne (left front), Living Brother (right front)

S.S.#10 School Photo
The above photo was taken in 1936 at S.S. #10 School on Flewellyn Road in Stanley's Corners, Goulbourn Twp. Russell McLinton is standing second from the left and Howard is sitting cross-legged third from the left. I was amazed when I found this photograph and showed it to Howard in 2002. He was 73 years of age and was able to tell me the teacher's name and the names of every child in this photograph. Not only was he able to remember the names of everyone in the photo, he also told me the name of the child who was absent the day of the photograph. Howard had a truly remarkable memory. If anyone who comes across this page should be interested in the names of anyone in the photo, please contact the author of these pages via e-mail. Use the e-mail icon at the bottom of the page.

Howard in 1954

Snapshot of Howard in 1954

Howard in St. Paul's Cemetery
Howard by his Great-Grandparents' Monument at
St. Paul's United Cemetery, Richmond, Ontario.

Howard had a beautiful tenor singing voice, played saxophone, harmonica, clarinet and played them all by ear. He didn't read music and he had a keen ability to listen to a song and be able to play it soon after hearing it just a couple of times. We, as the family of Howard, are going to miss the music that we heard him play on a regular basis as we grew up. He was an intelligent, loving, patient, fun loving man and great father to 3 boys and 3 girls. Howard passed away, peacefully, in his sleep, on December 15, 2012. He was 1 month and 2 days away from his 84th birthday. Interment will be in the Spring of 2013 at St. Paul's Cemetery in Richmond, Ontario.

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