James (Jimmy) Lytle--Born: 1837 Died: 1910. James Lytle came to Canada, at the age of 17, from Cavan County, Ireland in 1855. James had apprenticed as a jeweller in Ireland. He came over alone and acquired 100 acres of land on Moodie Drive in Nepean Township, Con.IV, Lot #22. The following year he sent for his Mother and sister, Fannie and a year or so after that his brother, John. James built a log house on the property and two barns, the first of which burned down and had to be rebuilt. He planted a large apple orchard, that was said to be quite impressive. He, apparently, was very successful at drafting and at one time had four different kinds of apples growing in his orchards.
He travelled to New York, New York where he met a woman by the name of Letisha Ludlow Born: 1844 Died: 1921. Letitia's family was Pennsylvania Dutch and owned and operated a hotel in Philidelphia. Letitia was working in a hotel in New York when she met James Lytle and he brought her and her sister, Rosanna Ludlow, back with him to the homestead on Moodie Drive, Fallowfield, Carleton District. James and Letitia were married and raised nine children, four daughters and five sons. Their children's names are Elizabeth, Jack, Watt, William, Letitia, Della, Mabel, Hughie and Herbert Ludlow Lytle.
All of their daughters married young men from the neighbouring farms:
Elizabeth married Abe Oliver
Letitia married William Little
Della married George Mann
Mabel married Jim Patterson
Watt and Jack were bachelors, Hughie married Agatha Patterson and they had four sons and a daughter. William married a young lady, last name Lee. Herb Lytle married Eleanor McNeill and had five daughters and a son.

All of James and Letitia Lytle's children were born on the farm in Fallowfield, Ontario, Lot #22, Concession IV. They farmed and raised their family here and there were three other children that died in infancy and two of them were actually buried on the farm property. The following are names and dates of birth for the children whose records have been found so far.

We have not found records for the births of Elizabeth or Watt Lytle as yet. Also, there is a John James (Jack?) found in the records of birth as well as the two daughters with Mabel as their middle name. Family stories state that there was an Aunt Mabel, Mulvina Mabel is the Aunt that is remembered.
James Lytle died in 1910 at age 73 and Letitia died in 1921 at age 77. They are buried in St. Paul's United/Old Methodist Cemetery in Richmond, Ontario. Any other information would be greatly appreciated.

The Lytle Homestead in Fallowfield, Ontario.

Herbert Ludlow Lytle

Herbert Ludlow Lytle (photo c. 1903)

Herb Lytle died October 1969, in Oshawa, Ontario. He is buried in Pinecrest Cemetary, Ottawa, Ontario, along with his wife, Eleanor McNeill, born 1906 and passed away   February 24,1958, her birthday, at age 52. Herb and Eleanor met in Peace River District, Alberta. They had six children. Five daughters and one son. Herb was a Postmaster in Springburn, Alberta, March 15, 1935 until his resignation on June 28, 1940. The family returned to Fallowfield, Ontario in 1940, where Herb bought his father's farm from his older brother William Lytle. William had taken over the farm after James Lytle's death in 1937 and the farmhouse was stuccoed on the exterior, as William was a plasterer. Herb and Eleanor raised their young family and continued to farm the property and sold apples from the orchard planted by James Lytle. Herb and Eleanor retired in 1956 and the farm was sold at that time. Highway 416 now runs right through the middle of the old laneway to the property.

Herb Lytle c:1930
Herbert Ludlow Lytle c;1930

On March 18, 2001 Mabel Ann Lytle, second youngest child of Herb and Eleanor Lytle, passed away peacefully in Ottawa, Ontario. Mabel is lovingly remembered by family and friends. Please click on Mabel's name and go to her memorial page for details and photos of her life.

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