Lytle Family Photos c:1908

                                                  Children of James and Letitia Lytle: left to right;
                                       Adella Rose, Hugh, William Thomas, Herbert Ludlow, Watson, Mulvina Mable.

Mulvina Mabel Lytle, Agatha Patterson and Jim Patterson.

Herbert Ludlow Lytle (photo c: 1894)                                                    Herbert Ludlow Lytle (photo c:1900)
                    (photo c:1894)                                               Herbert Ludlow Lytle                                                          (photo c:1900)

Herbert Ludlow Lytle (photo c:1920)                                                                    Herbert Ludlow Lytle (photo c:1931Alberta)
                               (photo c: 1920)                                              Herbert Ludlow Lytle                                         (photo c:1931 Alberta)