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These three McClinton sisters, Mary, Isabelle and Ellen, remained in N. Ireland with their parents, Samuel McClinton and Margaret Torney. The photographs of the sisters below were passed on to the author of these pages by the McClinton branch in the United States but we are not positive as to whose name belongs to which photograph. We do know that  Mary was born  in 1814 in Killyleagh, County Down, N. Ireland and she married  October 7, 1835 to John Gowdy. Isabelle was born in 1820 and was married in 1845 to James Patterson in Raffrey, County Down, N. Ireland. Ellen was born in 1824 and married February 18, 1842 in Killinchy, County Down, to John Wallace.
Their eldest sister Elizabeth and brothers Samuel, Hugh, Peter and Robert Sylvester all came to Canada in the 1850's. Over the course of the next 150 years, contact with the Irish McClinton descendents has been lost. Any information concerning this branch of the McClinton family would be very much appreciated. To contact us please click on the e-mail icon at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

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