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Peter Faulkner McClinton
Peter Faulkner McClinton

Peter Faulkner McClinton
: Born May 15, 1866 in Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada and died June 11,1923 in Wakefield, Ottawa County, Quebec. Peter Faulkner McClinton was married November 25, 1890 in Wakefield, Quebec to Sarah Maxwell: Born July 8, 1872 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died January 18, 1925 in Wakefield. Burial January 20, 1925 at Hall's Cemetery, Wakefield Township, Quebec.

Peter Faulkner McClinton and Sarah Maxwell had ten children:

i. Mary Maud McLinton : Born October 26, 1891 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died October 17, 1964. Married to Samuel Anderson. (no dates)

ii. Charles Faulkner McLinton : Born April 3, 1894 in Wakefield. Died May 10, 1939 in Kapaskasing, Ontario. Burial May 13, 1939 at Hall's Cemetery, Wakefield, Quebec. 

 iii. Thomas Garnet McLinton : Born June 25, 1895 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died November 6, 1948 . Burial November 8, 1948 at Hall's Cemetery, Wakefield, Quebec.

iv. Carrie Sarah McLinton: Born June 23, 1897 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died June 23, 1974. Married to Clifford Murdock. (no dates)

 v.  Agnes Alma Addie McLinton : Born April 22, 1900 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died May 13, 1993. Burial May 15, 1993 at Hall's Cemetery, Wakefield Township, Quebec. Married to Archie Brown. (no dates)

vi. Jennie Winnifred 'Winnie' McLinton : Born August 10, 1902 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died August 24, 1989 in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Married to Ralph Kingsford    Brown. (no dates)

vii. Elizabeth Amy McLinton (Bessie) : Born January 7, 1905 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died March 13,  1976 in Wakefield Township. Married to Hubert Brown. (no dates) 

viii. Madeline McLinton: Born May 3, 1907 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died July 7, 1979 in Wakefield Township. Married to Edgar Adams. (no dates)

ix. Gordon Peter McLinton: Born December 9, 1910 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died July 16, 1958 in Wakefield Township. Married to Kathleen McGarry. (no dates)

x.  Dorothy Anna McLinton: Born April 1, 1913 in Wakefield, Quebec. Died February 9, 1967 in Wakefield. Married to Howard McGarry. (no dates)

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