Robert Sylvester McClinton
      Eunice E. Gehr  

                                     Robert Sylvester McClinton was born February 2, 1830, Killyleagh, County Down, Ireland.
He was the 8th and youngest child born to
Samuel McClinton and Margaret Torney. Robert's sisters
and brothers were, Elizabeth, Mary, Isabelle, Samuel, Hugh, Ellen, Peter McClinton. Robert first
came to Canada in the mid 1800's with three brothers, Samuel, Hugh and Peter and one sister,
                                                                         Elizabeth. Three sisters, Mary, Isabelle and Ellen, stayed in Ireland. Sometime around 1850, Robert
                                                                         moved to Linesville, Pennsylvania,
U.S.A. There he met Eunice E. Gehr, born October 31, 1840.
                                                                             Robert Sylvester
and Eunice E.
were married on July 17, 1861.

                                                                    Robert and Eunice had 8 children of their own,
                                                                                     born in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

                                         1. William S. McClinton
  1862 ~ 1907. Married to Lizzie Steffee b: 1868  d: 1951.
                                                        Buried at U.S.A. Cemetery, Linesville, Pennsylvania.

                                         2. Harvey S. McClinton 
b: 1864  Buried at U.S.A. Cemetery, Linesville, Pennsylvania.

                                         3. Elma H. McClinton
  b: December 28, 1865 d:  July 3, 1892.  Married to B.D. Akens.
                                                       Buried at U.S.A. Cemetery, Linesville, Pennsylvania.

                                        4. James S. McClinton
b: February 27, 1869 d: January 8, 1936 in Springfield, Missouri.
                                                     James Sylvester McClinton married in Linesville, Penn. to Nellie Thayer  b: June 27,
                                                     1872 in Crawford County, Penn. Nellie died  September 29, 1929 in Springfield, Missouri.
                                                     James and Nellie  lie at rest at Green Lawn Cemetery, Springfield, Missouri, U.S.A. Click
                                                     on James photo and go to his page.


                                         James and Nellie had two sons:

                                                1. Ronald McClinton  b: February 24, 1899 in Billings, Missouri  d: January 17, 1973 in
                                                   Springfield, Missouri. Ronald married in Enid, Oklahoma on Dec 27, 1919 to Kitty Ruth                                                                                                       Ramsey b: January 12, 1899 in Springfield, Missouri.  d: June 26, 1981 in Baptist Home,
                                                  Ironton, Missouri. Ronald and Kitty had two sons: I. Ronald Ellis McClinton b: July 12,
                                                  1921 in Springfield, Missouri. d: May 8, 2003 and is buried at the McClinton Family Plot
                                                  at Robberson Prairie Baptist Church, Willard, Missouri. Ronald Ellis married May 2, 1942
                                                  to Glynn Eloise Gardner  b: August 11, 1923 in Sparta, Missouri, U.S.A.  d: March 1, 1994
                                                  in Springfield, Missouri. Ronald Ellis McClinton and Glynn Eloise Gardner had three children.
                                                                                                                                II. Second son of Ronald and Kitty 'living'.
                                                2. Victor McClinton 
b: 1901 ~ d: 1982 Second son of James and Nellie McClinton.

                                      5. Hugh W. McClinton
  b: 1869

                                6. Maggee B. McClinton 
1871 ~1948. Married to J. Snyder  b: 1863  d: 1939.

                                      7. Emma A. McClinton
  b: 1871

                                      8. Bessie McClinton 
1881 ~ 1967 Buried at U.S.A. Cemetery, Linesville, Pennsylvania.

Robert Sylvester McClinton died May 29, 1911, Linesville, Penn.
Eunice E. Gehr died June 29, 1924, Linesville, Penn.
They both lie in rest at U.S.A. Cemetery, Linesville, Penn.



                                                 *Many thanks to Robert and Eunice's g-g-grandchildren in the United States
                                                              for all their help and information.
Without it, these pages would not be possible.*